Salone del Mobile: Howling Wolf

Studio Job have drawn from the vast archive of furniture produced by Colombostile over the years, selecting frames from the many diverse styles of old guéridons and armchairs; they had the beechwood treated to make it darker in hue, then covered the chairs with thick silk bearing their distinctive designs and carried out small, discreet interventions that left a peculiar mark on the old pieces.

All around, mirrors, fringes, satin curtains sprinkled with hypnotic visions; running water and reflections of light; sharks and caterpillars, skulls and snakes, a polyphony that distils a well coordinated and synchronized harmony from the apparent chaos, faithful to the “orchestral” ethic that, Job Smeets and Nynke Tinagel explain, flavours all of Studio Job’s work: Wagnerian in its symphonic power, and in its aspiration to a “universal synthesis of the arts” — an aesthetic ideal that attracted the composer of the Ring Cycle.

Salone del Mobile - Howling Wolf

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