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Roberta Diazzi

the roar in our conscience

Roberta Diazzioberta Diazzi, Born in Modena, received her diploma from the Venturi Art Institute with a focus on drawing and graphics geared towards advertising.
Diazzi has collaborated with numerous important galleries, both Italian and international, present in the Principality of Monaco and in nearby Lugano.

She has participated in various fairs in Europe, Asia (Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore) and the United States (Miami, New York).

Currently, her work is on display in Saint Petersburg at the State Russian Museum (Russki Muzei) and at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA).

Diazzi’s oil paintings are characterised by a sign - a sort of signature which makes her work unique. However, the artist’s hand is truly found in the use of hundreds of thousands of certified Swarovski crystals of different sizes applied to backgrounds which are usually black, essential to exalting the sparkle, light and colours of the crystals. They’re not so much paintings as they are mosaics of light, calibrated and re-cut to bring energy and power to the figures.
As an artist, Diazzi is inspired by postmodernism, linked to the original, comics-derived stylistic revision of Roy Lichtenstein and of the Pop Art of Andy Warhol, who made his portraits a “must” for the VIPs of his time.

Diazzi’s work has been commissioned by illustrious Italian families, including the Ferrari family, the Montezemolo family and Luciano Pavarotti himself.
For quite a few years, her work has also been sought-after abroad: in the Principality of Monaco, Princess Caroline displays her work “l’œvre pop de Monaco” in her royal study. Last chronologically but certainly not least, is the portrait of Peng Liyuan, catalogued among the most important works in the private collation of the Chinese First Lady.

Today, alongside the famous faces of the social scene, Diazzi places some important stars perilously at risk of being forgotten. We can define her as an "animal painter": her portraits, in fact, represent ferocious, regal and wild animals which peer out directly at the inattentive viewer.

Prisoners of the frame, they set their sights on us, walk and fly towards us - we who stand and watch as we gradually eradicate their world.

Art is necessity, and the necessity of Roberta Diazzi is to bring their roar to our collective conscience.

Roberta Diazzi
Roberta Diazzi
Roberta Diazzi
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