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International showcase for the public as well as a meeting point for designers and professionals to develop taylor made projects, the image of the Flagship Store Colombostile continues the journey that leads the historic Italian company to a constantly evolving stylistic research.

A space of 150sqm that develops on two levels is the changeable container to display the collections that confirm a classic and eclectic identity, told through the language of luxury, typical of Colombostile.

The silver and the cobalt-blue are the colors chosen to inspire the creative choices of the furnitures, where the iconic pieces of the most representative collections have been reinterpreted in a more artisan and innovative way.

In the middle of the stage, the new version of Fred table, in blue sodalite marble top and base with polished chrome finishing rings. Close to sofas and armchairs in silk-velvet and Rubelli special edition damask fabrics there are displayed rich hand-made furnitures by a special starry-skinned material finishes and classic furnitures finely decorated. The desk of IL '600 by Maurizio Chiari expresses all the taste of the detail - in the realization of the wooden and mother-of-pearl inlays - and the search, in the combination of the essences in the inlays and their contrast with the ebonized background.

The scenic wall from the staircase collects a wide range of finishes, engravings, bronzes and workmanships in Colombostile collections ranging from classic to eclectic to contemporary. Upstairs a stylish bedroom expresses all the value of Italian craftsmanship through the sinuous baroque shapes sculptured in wood and covered of silver leaf. The cobalt velvets embellished with Swarovski buttons and the blue sodalite marble tops emphasize the refinement and the elegance of the collection.

Once again, Colombostile confirms a style of elegance and lavishness, presenting its collections of Rubelli fabrics in exclusive, in a space made of blue and silver mirrors that, along with Swarovski, the contemporary jewel-artworks of the artist Roberta Diazzi and the sophisticated Murano chandeliers by iDogi create impressive scenic effects of lights and reflections able to thrill and capture the spectator.

Designers: Maurizio Chiari, Giovanni Maria Malerba di Busca, Samuele Mazza, Roberto Nicolai, Carlo Rampazzi, Elena Viganò.

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