A real Wunderkammer where every room is a discovery. An imaginative journey of colors, materials and shapes that makes each environment distinctive and unique.

Private Residence - Mosca 2013
Designed by Tatiana Boronina AD Studio

Residential Villa-Russia-04-01
Residential Villa-Russia-04-02
Residential Villa-Russia-04-03
Residential Villa-Russia-04-04
Residential Villa-Russia-04-05
Residential Villa-Russia-04-33
Residential Villa-Russia-04-06
Residential Villa-Russia-04-07
Residential Villa-Russia-04-08
Residential Villa-Russia-04-09
Residential Villa-Russia-04-10
Residential Villa-Russia-04-11
Residential Villa-Russia-04-12
Residential Villa-Russia-04-13
Residential Villa-Russia-04-14
Residential Villa-Russia-04-15
Residential Villa-Russia-04-16
Residential Villa-Russia-04-17
Residential Villa-Russia-04-18
Residential Villa-Russia-04-19
Residential Villa-Russia-04-20
Residential Villa-Russia-04-21
Residential Villa-Russia-04-22
Residential Villa-Russia-04-23
Residential Villa-Russia-04-24
Residential Villa-Russia-04-25
Residential Villa-Russia-04-26
Residential Villa-Russia-04-27
Residential Villa-Russia-04-28
Residential Villa-Russia-04-29
Residential Villa-Russia-04-30
Residential Villa-Russia-04-31
Residential Villa-Russia-04-32
Residential Villa-Russia-04-34

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