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Luxurious villa of more than 3000 sqm located in one of the most chic residential districts of Moscow. The classic elegance of the atmosphere is masterfully rendered by the selection of colors and materials.
Precious inlaid woods and hand-painted “grotesque” are the masterpieces of the representative areas.

Private Residence - Moscow 2011
Designed by Design Duemila

Residential Villa-Russia-06-01
Residential Villa-Russia-06-02
Residential Villa-Russia-06-03
Residential Villa-Russia-06-04
Residential Villa-Russia-06-05
Residential Villa-Russia-06-06
Residential Villa-Russia-06-07
Residential Villa-Russia-06-08
Residential Villa-Russia-06-09
Residential Villa-Russia-06-10
Residential Villa-Russia-06-11
Residential Villa-Russia-06-12
Residential Villa-Russia-06-13
Residential Villa-Russia-06-14
Residential Villa-Russia-06-15
Residential Villa-Russia-06-16
Residential Villa-Russia-06-17
Residential Villa-Russia-06-18
Residential Villa-Russia-06-19
Residential Villa-Russia-06-20
Residential Villa-Russia-06-21
Residential Villa-Russia-06-22
Residential Villa-Russia-06-23
Residential Villa-Russia-06-24
Residential Villa-Russia-06-25
Residential Villa-Russia-06-26
Residential Villa-Russia-06-27

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